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Lucy Maud Montgomery - Further Chronicles of Avonlea (version 2) (Dramatic Reading)

6 hours 33 minutes
Further Chronicles of Avonlea (version 2) (Dramatic Reading)
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6 hours 33 minutes
Anne of Green Gables and related works
After her famed book «Anne of Green Gables,» Lucy Maud Montgomery continued her stories in «Chronicles of Avonlea» followed by «Further Chronicles of Avonlea.» The book includes fifteen short and entertaining, funny, and romantic stories. She brings back old characters such as Anne, Rachel Lynde, and Matthew Cuthbert, although most of the stories are focused around new characters living in Avonlea. Summary by francesb.

Prooflisteners: Beth Thomas, and Kimberly Krause.

Story 1 — Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator/Sue: Beth Thomas
Aunt Cynthia: Lynne Thompson
Max: Arnaldo Machado
Ismay: Frances Brown
Old Woman: Kristin Gjerløw

Story 2 — The Materializing of Cecil
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator/Charlotte: Beth Thomas
Georgie: Kimberly Krause
Wilhelmina: Frances Brown
Josephine: Kristin Gjerløw
Susette: Lydia
Maggie: KHand
Cecil: RedFox
Nancy: Eliza Anne Holdt

Story 3 — Her Father's Daughter
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator: Kristin Gjerløw
Isabella Spencer: Piper Reid
Rachel Spencer: Amanda Friday
David Spencer: Beth Thomas
Aunt Jane: Lynne Thompson
Carrie Bell: Kimberly Krause
Frank: RedFox

Story 4 — Jane's Baby
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator: Beth Thomas
Miss Rosetta: Kimberly Krause
Mr. Patterson: Frances Brown
Charlotte Wheeler: Kristin Gjerløw
Mrs. Gordon: KHand

Story 5 — The Dream Child
Editor: Rapunzelina
David/Narrator: Paul Simonin
Josephine: Kimberly Krause
Abel Blair: Beth Thomas
Doctor: RedFox

Story 6 — The Brother who Failed
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator: Beth Thomas
James: Arnaldo Machado
Aunt Isabel & Edith: Frances Brown
Kathleen Bell: Amanda Friday
Malcolm: ToddHW
Ralph: Kimberly Krause
Margaret: Kristin Gjerløw

Story 7 — The Return of Hester
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator/Margaret: Kristin Gjerløw
Hester: Amanda Friday
James Trent & Hugh Blair: Frances Brown

Story 8 — The Little Brown Book of Mrs. Emily
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator & Anne: thestorygirl
Diana: Amanda Friday
Marilla: Kristin Gjerløw

Story 9 — Sara's Way
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator & Lige Baxter: Beth Thomas
Sara: Savannah
Mrs. Jonas: Kristin Gjerløw
Mrs. Eben: Sarah Holtz
Mrs. George Pye: Amanda Friday
Mrs. Rachel Lynde: Lynne Thompson
Mrs. Harmon Andrews: Etel Buss
Mr. Harmon Andrews: Frances Brown

Story 10 — The Son of His Mother
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator: Beth Thomas
Thyra Carewe: Kristin Gjerløw
Mrs. Cynthia White: Etel Buss
August: Arnaldo Machado
Carl: ToddHW
Abel Blair: Kimberly Krause
Chester: Piper Reid

Story 11 — The Education of Betty
Editor: Sweet Pea
Stephen/ Narrator: ToddHW
Young Betty: Frances Brown
Sara: Savannah
Older Betty: Amanda Friday

Story 12 — In her Selfless Mood
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator & Charles: Beth Thomas
Naomi: Kristin Gjerløw
Caroline: Frances Brown
Eunice: thestorygirl
Christopher: Arnaldo Machado
Sarah: Amanda Friday
Doctor: RedFox
Electa: Etel Buss

Story 13 — The Conscience Case of David Bell
Editor: Sweet Pea
Narrator: Beth Thomas
Eben: Kristin Gjerløw
Mollie: Frances Brown
Miriam: Woolly Bee
Mary: Lydia
David: Arnaldo Machado
Mr. Bentley: ToddHW
Flora Jane: Amanda Friday

Story 14 — Only a Common Fellow
Editor: Sweet Pea
Narrator/Rachel: Kristin Gjerløw
Phillippa: Amanda Friday
Isabella: Woolly Bee
Owen Blair: Beth Thomas
Mark Foster: Frances Brown

Story 15 — Tannis of the Flats
Editor: Rapunzelina
Narrator: Beth Thomas
Tannis: Eliza Anne Holdt
Jerome Carey: Arnaldo Machado
Man: Kimberly Krause
Mrs. Joe Esquint: Lynne Thompson
Elinor: Kristin Gjerløw
Paul: Piper Reid
Doctor: Frances Brown
Maid: Woolly Bee

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