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Henrik Ibsen - Peer Gynt

5 hours 18 minutes
Peer Gynt
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5 hours 18 minutes
Peer is a dreamer, liar, excellent storyteller and an irresponsible person who avoids all problems. He uses and discards women and looks towards the grandiose, the unattainable. Despite of this, one can't help but like and feel sorry for Peer, as it is easy to recognize something of yourself in him.
Peer Gynt is the most well known Norwegian play throughout history and is based loosely on the folklore about Per Gynt. It is a dramatic poem in five acts, and has been aptly described as the story of a life based on procrastination and avoidance. The play is said to be a confrontation with the flock mentality Ibsen meant to recognize the typical Norwegian. ( Summary by Kristingj)


Narrator: Cynthia Moyer
Young Peer Gynt: Kristingj
Middleaged Peer Gynt: Max Körlinge
Old Peer Gynt: Lars Rolander
Åse: Amy Gramour
Solveig: Elizabeth Klett
The Button Moulder: DublinGothic
Anitra: Liberty Stump
Helga, Solveigs little sister: Tiffany Halla Colonna
Kari, the cottars wife: Carol Box
Aslak the smith/ A Man Dressed in Mourning: Denny Sayers
Solveig's Father: Marty Kris
Solveig's Mother: Arielle Lipshaw
Ingrid: Patti Cunningham
The Green Clad One / The Old Woman: PitFace
Begriffenfeldt/ Voice: Availle
The Strange Passanger/ The Lean One: Patrick Wallace
The Cook: Karlsson
The Man of the Dovre/ An Old Man: Ron Altman
A Voice in the Darkness: Paul C. Newman
Trumpeterstrale/ The Thread Balls: Bev J. Stevens
Mr. Cotton / Broken Straws: Bob Gonzalez
The Priest: Algy Pug
Memnon's statue / Withered Leaves: David Olson
Schafmann / The Boy / Ninth Lad: Blake Curran
Huhu / Seventh Lad: alanmapstone
First Woman / Bird Cries / A sighing in the air: Patti Cunningham
Second Woman / First Troll Witch: Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Third Woman / Second Troll Witch / Voices: Charlotte Duckett
First Man / An Officer / The New-Comer / A Man in Grey: David Lawrence
Second Man, elderly/ The Troll-Courtiers / The Oldest Troll-Courtier / First Keeper / The Bailiff: Algy Pug
Third Man / First Slave / Second Keeper / The Keepers / Tenth Lad: Phil Benson
Fourth Man / Second Slave / A Fellah / An Elderly Man: Cliff Thompson
First Lad / Several Others / The Brat / First Young Man: Charlotte Duckett
Second Lad / The Crowd / The Boatswain / Second Young Man: David Olson
Third Lad / Several Voices / The Lookout / Third Young Man: Wupperhippo
Fourth Lad / First Troll-Imp / The Mate / Sixth Lad: Marty Kris
Fifth Lad / Second Troll-Imp / Troll-Imps / Eight Lad: Marty Kris
First Girl / Three Seater Girls / First Seater Girl: ChyAnne Donnell
Second Girl / Three Seater Girls / Second Seater Girl / Church-Goers: Helen Falconer
Third Girl / Three Seater Girls / Third Seater Girl: Cathy Barratt
Fourth Girl / Other Girls / A Troll-Maiden / Troll-Maidens: Lucy Perry
Fifth Girl / Others: Grace
The Thief / The Reciever: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Chorus of Girls: Liberty Stump, Nadine Eckert-Boulet, Jeannie Tirado

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