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Eva March Tappan - World’s Story Volume IV: Greece and Rome

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World’s Story Volume IV: Greece and Rome
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This is the fourth volume of the 15-volume series of The World’s Story: a history of the World in story, song and art, edited by Eva March Tappan. Each book is a compilation of selections from prose literature, poetry and pictures and offers a comprehensive presentation of the world's history, art and culture, from the early times till the beginning of the 20th century. Topics in Part IV include Greek mythology, the classical Greek period and the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. — Summary by Sonia

Cast list for The sacrifice of Iphigenia:
Iphigenia: Devorah Allen / Chorus: alanmapstone / Messenger: Foon / Clytemnestra: Monika M.C. / Agamemnon: Tomas Peter / Narrator: Sonia

Cast list for The bout between the poets:
Dionysus: alanmapstone / Aeschylus: TJ Burns / Chorus: Monika M.C. / Euripides: Tomas Peter / Voice: Foon / Pluto: Nemo / Narrator: Sonia

Cast list for The sale of the philosophers:
Jupiter: alanmapstone / Mercury: Tomas Peter / First Customer: TJ Burns / Pythagoras: Foon / Second Customer: Sandra Schmit / Diogenes: Son of the Exiles / Third Customer: Angelique G. Campbell / Fourth Customer: Monika M.C. / Democritus: Jim Locke / Heraclitus: Devorah Allen / Socrates: Roger Melin / Fifth Customer: April6090 / Sixth Customer: Craig Franklin / Seventh Customer: ToddHW / Chrysippus: Larry Wilson / Eighth Customer: SaraHale / Ninth Customer: Eva Davis / Pyrrho: Nemo/ Narrator: Sonia

Cast list for At the funeral of Caesar:
First Citizen: alanmapstone / Second Citizen: Monika M.C. / Third Citizen: Foon / Fourth Citizen: TJ Burns / Brutus: Nemo / Antony: Tomas Peter / Narrator: Sonia

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