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Horace Baker Browne - Short Plays from Dickens

6 hours 35 minutes
Short Plays from Dickens
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6 hours 35 minutes
Here is a collection of 20 short plays drawn from various books by Charles Dickens such as Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, Bleak House, and Our Mutual Friend. «For the use of Amateur and School Dramatic Societies» — Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Introduction: ToddHW
Mrs Tibbs Boarding House — From Sketches by Boz
Mrs Tibbs — A boarding-house keeper: Availle
Mr Tibbs — Her husband: Tim Watkins
Mrs Maplesone — Boarder at Mrs. Tibbs': TriciaG
Miss Matilda Maplesone — Boarder at Mrs. Tibbs': Rachel
Miss Julia Maplesone — Boarder at Mrs. Tibbs': Lian Pang
Mr Calton — Boarder at Mrs. Tibbs': Tom U
Mr Septimus Hicks — Boarder at Mrs. Tibbs': Tomas Peter
Mr Simpson — Boarder at Mrs. Tibbs': Jason in Panama
James — A boy-servant: Leanne Yau
Robinson — A maid-servant: Lydia
Stage Directions for Mrs Tibbs Boarding House: PaulHW
Horatio Sparkins — From Sketches by Boz
Mr Malderton — A City merchant: Jason in Panama
Mrs Malderton — His wife: Leanne Yau
Miss Teresa Malderton — Their daughter: Lydia
Miss Marianne Malderton — Their daughter: Lian Pang
Mr Thomas Malderton — Their son: TriciaG
Mr Jacob Barton — A grocer — brother to Mrs Malderton: KHand
Mr Flamwell — A friend of Mr Malderton: Larry Wilson
A Linen Draper: David Olson
Mr «Horatio Sparkins» — a young man: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for Horatio Sparkins: Availle
Miss Squeers' Tea-Party — From Nicholas Nickleby
Fanny Squeers — Daughter of Mr Wackford Squeers, the Proprietor of Do-the-boys Hall: Lydia
Matilda Price — A miller's daughter, and Miss Squeers' bosom friend: Rachel
John Browdie — A Yorkshire corn-factor: ToddHW
Nicholas Nickleby — Mr Squeers; usher, lately come to Do-the-boys Hall: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for Miss Squeers' Tea-Party: TriciaG
The Gentleman Next Door — From Nicholas Nickleby
Mrs Nickleby — A widow: Michelle Kane
Kate Nickleby — Her daughter: Rachel
The Gentleman Next Door — A harmless lunatic: TriciaG
Stage Directions for The Gentleman Next Door: Lydia
Stormy Scenes in the Varden Household — From Barnaby Rudge
Gabriel Varden — A locksmith: ToddHW
Mrs Varden — His wife: Kalynda
Dolly Varden — Their daughter: Rachel
Miggs — Mrs Varden's «domestic»: Bev J Stevens
Edward Chester — A young gentleman: Tomas Peter
Joe Willet — Dolly's sweetheart: TriciaG
Stage Directions for Stormy Scenes: Lydia
Hatching a Conspiracy — From Barnaby Rudge
Miggs — The «domestic» of Mrs Varden: Bev J Stevens
Simon Tappertit — Gabriel Varden's apprentice: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for Hatching a Conspiracy: Lydia
The Stranger's Visit — From Barnaby Rudge
Barnaby Rudge — An idiot youth: Tomas Peter
Mrs Rudge — His mother, living as a widow: Leanne Yau
The Stranger — Banaby's father, a murderer in hiding, but supposed to have been murdered himself: K. Adrian Stroet
Stage Directions for The Stranger's Visit: Lydia
The Great Protestant Association — From Barnaby Rudge
Lord George Gordon — A religious fanatic (President of the Great Protestant Association): TriciaG
Gashford — His Secretary: Leanne Yau
Dennis — The hangman: K. Adrian Stroet
Hugh — An hostler at the Maypole Inn, who has run away from his master: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for The Great Protestant Association: Lydia
Mr. Pecksniff's Pleasant Family Party — From Martin Chuzzlewit
Mr Pecksniff — An architect and land-surveyor: K. Adrian Stroet
Charity Pecksniff — His daughter: Lydia
Mercy Pecksniff — His daughter: Rachel
Mr Spottletoe: ToddHW
Mr Anthony Chuzzlewit — Relative of Mr Pecksniff, each of whom has designs on the property of old Mr Martin Chuzzlewit: TriciaG
Mr George Chuzzlewit — Relative of Mr Pecksniff, each of whom has designs on the property of old Mr Martin Chuzzlewit: Tomas Peter
Mrs Chuzzlewit — Relative of Mr Pecksniff, each of whom has designs on the property of old Mr Martin Chuzzlewit: Amy Deuchler
Miss Chuzzlewit — Relative of Mr Pecksniff, each of whom has designs on the property of old Mr Martin Chuzzlewit: Leanne Yau
Stage Directions for Mr Pecksniff's Pleasant Family Party: Zames Curran
An Unexpected Meeting — From Martin Chuzzlewit
Martin Chuzzlewit — A young gentleman who is «hard up»: Tomas Peter
Montague Tigg — An undesirable acquaintance of Martin Chuzzlewit: K. Adrian Stroet
A Shopman: ToddHW
Stage Directions for An Unexpected Meeting: Lydia
A Division Between Friends — From Martin Chuzzlewit
Sairey Gamp — Professional nurse: TriciaG
Betsy Prig — Professional nurse: Availle
Mr Sweedlepipe: ToddHW
Stage Directions for A Division Between Friends: MaryAnn
The Friendly Waiter — From David Copperfield
David Copperfield — A small boy: Lydia
William — A waiter: K. Adrian Stroet
Stage Directions for The Friendly Waiter: Availle
Betsy Trotwood at Home — From David Copperfield
Miss Betsy Trotwood — An elderly lady: Christine Lehman
«Mr Dick» — A harmless lunatic: Twinkle
Janet — Maid-servant to Miss Betsy Trotwood: Rachel
David Copperfield — A small boy, to whom Miss Betsy Trotwood is great-aunt: Lydia
Mr Murdstone — David Copperfield's step-father: ToddHW
Miss Murdstone — His sister: Christine Lehman
Stage Directions for Betsy Trotwood at Home: TriciaG
Mr. Micawber's Prospects — From David Copperfield
Mr Wilkins Micawber — A gentleman who is «waiting for something to turn up»: ToddHW
Mrs Micawber — His wife: Arielle Lipshaw
David Copperfield — Law-student: Leanne Yau
Traddles — Law-student: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for Mr Micawber's Prospects: Lydia
Mr. Guppy's Proposal — From Bleak House
Esther Summerson — Ward of John Jarndyce: Rachel
Mr Guppy — Clerk to the Firm of Kenge and Carboy, Solicitors: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for Mr Guppy's Proposal: Lydia
Mrs. Snagsby's Guests — From Bleak House
Mr Snagsby — A law-stationer: TriciaG
Mrs Snagsby — His wife: Leanne Yau
The Rev Mr Chadband — A «vessel in the Ministry»: Tomas Peter
Guster — Mrs Snagsby's maid-of-all-work: Lydia
Stage Directions for Mrs Snagsby's Guests: ToddHW
Mr. George's Shooting Gallery — From Bleak House
Mr George — Proprietor of the Shooting Gallery: Averagemoe
Phil Squod — His «familiar»: ToddHW
Grandfather Smallweed — A miser and money-lender: TriciaG
Stage Directions for Mr George's Shooting Gallery: MaryAnn
Silas Wegg's Stall — From Our Mutual Friend
Silas Wegg — A stall-keeper and ballad-monger: ToddHW
Mr Boffin — A retired dustman: TriciaG
Stage Directions for Silas Wegg's Stall: Lydia
Mr. Venus's Shop — From Our Mutual Friend
Mr Venus — A «Preserver of Animals and Birds»: Bill Mosley
Silas Wegg — A stall-keeper and ballad-monger: ToddHW
Boy: Lydia
Stage Directions for Mr Venus's Shop: TriciaG
At «Jenny Wren's» — From Our Mutual Friend
«Jenny Wren» — A dolls' dress-maker: Lian Pang
«Her Bad Child» — Jenny Wren's father: ToddHW
Lizzie Hexam — Jenny Wren's friend, who is living with her: Rachel
Charlie Hexam — Lizzie Hexam's brother — a pupil-teacher: TriciaG
Bradley Headstone — Charlie Hexam's school-master, in love with Lizzie: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions for At Jenny Wren's: Lydia
All edited by: ToddHW

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