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Charles Goddard - Perils of Pauline (dramatic reading)

9 hours 5 minutes
Perils of Pauline (dramatic reading)
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9 hours 5 minutes

The Perils of Pauline is one of the first damsel in distress serials. The story is complete with undaunted hero, courageous damsel, unscrupulous villains galore, and other worldly interest. Before getting married, Pauline wants to experience the world and have adventures. When her guardian dies and leaves her an estate in trust of his secretary, adventures suddenly become more hazardous. Pauline charters aeroplanes, meets untrustworthy pirates, braves dangerous China Town, flies in a hot air balloon, adventures in the Wild West, encounters international spies, and escapes many other perils with the aid of her would-be fiancé, Harry, and an Egyptian mummy. (Summary by Carolyn Frances)

Cast of characters :

Pauline Marvin, our heroine (chapters 01-07)
read by
Ancilla and (chapters 08-24) read by Karen Commins
Harry Marvin, would be fiancé (chapters 01-13, 15-24) read by Don Bott
Raymond Owen, shifty trustee of the estate
(chapters 01-13, 16-21, 23, 24, 25) read by
Tom Powers
Montgomery “Mug” Hicks, rough character & villian
(chapters 01-07, 10-13, 15) read by
Stanford Marvin, beloved father and guardian
(chapters 1, 2) read by
Tommy Hersant
Nelson Cromwell Boyd, «pirate»(chp 05-07) read by Tommy Hersant
Signor Baskinelli (aka Monsieur Picquot) (chp 8) read by Tom Clifton
Mary Haines, Montana woman (chapters 13-15) read by TriciaG
Hal Haines, Montana rancher (chp 13, 14) read by Tommy Hersant
Indian Interpretor (chapter 15) read by Ken Felt>
Michel Mario (aka Balthazar) (chapters 18-20) read by MGVestal
Ben Summers (chapter 13) read by Mark F. Smith
Mlle. de Longeon, a spy (chapters 20, 21) read by TriciaG
Louis Wrentz (chapters 23, 24) read by TriciaG
Lucille Hamlin, Pauline's best friend (chp 14) read by Anna Roberts
Bassett (chapter 12) read by Tom Clifton
Curt Sikes (chapter 14) read by Tom Clifton
Rupert Wallace (chapters 19, 20) read by Tom Clifton
Carrie (chapter 20) read by TriciaG
Catin (chapters 21, 22) read by Ric F
Diplomat, part of a spy ring (chapters 21, 22) read by Tommy Hersant

Blount, peace officer (chapter 24) read by Tom Clifton
Burgess, peace officer (chapter 24) read by Tommy Hersant
Farmer (chapters 11, 12) read by TriciaG
Jenkins (chapters 01, 08) read by David Lawrence
Gardner (chapter 01) read by Matt L Speer
Dr. Stevens (chapters 01, 02) read by MGVestal
Mr. Wilmerding (chapter 2) read by TriciaG
The Great Pegoud (chapter 03) read by David Lawrence
Harvey Schieffelin (chapter 05) read by David Lawrence
Junk shop owner (chapter 05) read by William Haseltine
Stoker on ship (chapter 06) read by David Lawrence
Margaret, Pauline's maid (chapters 08, 20) read by Rissa Byrne
Mrs. Courtelyou (chapter 08) read by TriciaG
Man at party (chapters 03, 07 & 14) read by Jody Bly
Chinaman (chapters 09) read by MGVestal
Chinese Priest (chapter 09) read by TriciaG
Eddie Kaboff (chapter 10) read by Tommy Hersant
Signor Panatella (chapter 10) read by Jody Bly
Newspaper Editor (chapter 12) read by Patricia Frahm
James (chapter 12) read by David Lawrence
Nurse (chapter 13) read by TriciaG
Poker Player 1 (chapters 09, 11 & 16) read by Miriam Esther Goldman
Poker Player 2 (chapter 13) read by MGVestal
Tom Patten (chapters 09, 13 & 14) read by Algy Pug
Sheriff Hill (chapter 14) read by Ric F
Cowboy (chapter 09) read by Tom Crawford
Man in the crowd (chapter 14) read by Jody Bly
Big Smoke (chapter 14) read by Phil Chenevert
Chief Red Snake (chapter 15) read by Ken Felt
Sophie McAllan (chapter 16) read by Rissa Byrne
Owen’s Driver (chapter 16) read by David Lawrence
Simon (chapter 16) read by Ric F
Garcia (chapter 16) read by Tommy Hersant
Farrell (chapter 16, 17) read by Tom Powers
Bemis (chapters 16, 20) read by Phil Chenevert
Telegraph Operator (chapter 17) read by David Lawrence
Chauncey Hamlin (chapter 18) read by Algy Pug
Michael Caliban (chapter 18) read by Ric F
Auctioneer (chapter 18) read by Tommy Hersant
Doctor (chapter 18) read by nkav
Mechanic (chapter 20) read by Miriam Esther Goldman
Counterfeiter (chapter 20) read by Tom Clifton
Richard Gorman (chapter 20) read by Tommy Hersant
Observer 1 (chapter 22) read by Ken Felt
Observer 2 (chapters 17, 18 & 21) read by Cortney Matz
Second Officer (chapter 22) read by Miriam Esther Goldman
Shipman Grimes (chapter 22) read by Algy Pug
Boatman (chapter 22) read by Jody Bly
Chief Officer (chapter 22) read by Ken Felt
Hotel Clerk (chapters 23, 24) read by turtle91676
Taxicab Manager (chapter 23) read by Tommy Hersant
Taxi Driver (chapter 23) read by Ken Felt
Old Man (chapter 23) read by TriciaG
Henchman 1 (chapter 24 read by MGVestal
Rocco (chapter 24) read by Phil Chenevert
Porter (chapter 24) read by Miriam Esther Goldman
Oldest Henchman (chapter 24) read by Ric F
Circus Man 1 & 2 (chapter 24) read by Ken Felt
Woman on train (chapter 18) read by Rissa Byrne
Audio edited by David Lawrence

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