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Anthony Munday - Sir Thomas More

2 hours 26 minutes
Sir Thomas More
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2 hours 26 minutes
Sir Thomas More is a collaborative Elizabethan play by Anthony Munday and others depicting the life and death of Thomas More. It survives only in a single manuscript, now owned by the British Library. The manuscript is notable because three pages of it are considered to be in the hand of William Shakespeare and for the light it sheds on the collaborative nature of Elizabethan drama and the theatrical censorship of the era. The play dramatizes events in More's life, both real and legendary, in an episodic manner in 17 scenes, unified only by the rise and fall of More's fortunes. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Cast list:
Doll Williamson: Arielle Lipshaw
Francis de Barde: David Nicol
Caveler: Steve Weir
Williamson: Elizabeth Klett
Sherwin: Greg Przywara
George Betts: TriciaG
John Lincoln: Brett G. Hirsch
Lord Mayor: Ron Altman
Sir Thomas More: Larry Wilson
Lifter: alanmapstone
Recorder: Frances Brown
Another: bala
Earl of Shrewsbury: ToddHW
Earl of Surrey: mb
Sir Thomas Palmer: Greg Giordano
Sir Roger Chomley: Glenn O'Brien
Messenger: Michele Eaton
Harry: David Nicol
Robin: Frances Brown
Kit: bala
Clown: ElleyKat
Sir John Munday: russellhughes
Sergeant: Kristin Gjerløw
Crofts: KHand
Sheriff (Shrieve)/First Sheriff: Kristin Gjerløw
Officer: Frances Brown
Randall: bala
Faulkner: Rapunzelina
Erasmus: David Nicol
Morris: KHand
Roper: Arnaldo Machado
Lady More: Elizabeth Klett
Player: KHand
Lady Mayoress: Michele Eaton
Servant/Man: bala
Inclination: David Nicol
Prologue: Dr Speedbump
Wit: alanmapstone
Vanity: Eden Rea-Hedrick
Luggins: ToddHW
Bishop of Rochester: TriciaG
Clerk of the Council: Elise C. Boucher
Roper's Wife: Arielle Lipshaw
Daughter: Charlotte Duckett
Catesby: Mary Kay
Downes: Jake K. Friedman
First Warder: Kristin Gjerløw
Second Warder: Rapunzelina
Third Warder: Bria Snow
Poor Woman: Etel Buss
Gentleman Porter: Glenn O'Brien
Lieutenant: Victoria P
Butler: Mary J
Brewer: Elise C. Boucher
Horsekeeper: Anna Simon
Porter: ToddHW
Gough: TriciaG
Second Sheriff: Mary Kay
Hangman: David Nicol
Narrator/Stage Directions: David Lawrence
Edited by: David Lawrence

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